“Be careful with the words that you use to describe your life, for it’s these very words that map our reality. Not only are they simply spoken, but they come back and affect the very world that lies in front of us. Your life is a remarkable gift. Truly. However, words can sometimes take us farther and farther away from seeing this ourselves.”

— Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin (via thepowerwithin)

This is true. Consider the following equally accurate descriptions:

  • “My friends say I’m depressed”
  • “My friends say I’m feeling the impact of an unworkable job/relationship.”

The actions we choose are highly conditioned by the words we choose.

Now consider

  • Yeah, I’m a pretty shitty D/S Dom
  • Hey, I’m a darn good D/Lg Daddy

Nothing else has changed for me other than dropping the first words and using the second. But my happiness, self esteem, and comfort with my sex life have all gone through the roof! I was able to stop putting all the time and effort I spent trying to go from being a bad Dom to a mediocre one… and start putting surprisingly little effort into going from a tentative Daddy to a pretty fucking confident one.

Same me. Same preferences. Different self description. Different actions. Producing very different outcomes!

The awesome thing about being a Daddy? It feels perfectly natural to conclude this post with…

Use your words!

And choose your words!