Mr-Feelgood-Stuff –  “Take Your Pleasure Seriously”

Sometimes I just want this. Not the ropes or the cuffs. Not the paddle or the plug. Nothing intricate or drawn out.

Just you.

Your raw power, your unadorned, unfettered lust.

I want to know you couldn’t wait another minute to have me. That this couch or chair or even the floor will have to do. That the desire thrumming through my veins has met its match in you and you can satiate every hunger I have.

The dark needs. The tender moments.

I want your thick cock filling me up, my pulse hammering to a rythym your hips have set. I want your filthy words, your hungry mouth, your firm grip.

I want to be OWNED. Bite marks and bruises and tender abrasions I’ll only feel in the cold light of tomorrow. Because tonight I’ll be mindless with pleasure and need.

I want to be your greedy, grasping mess. A girl who says “yes Sir” and “more please” and begs sweetly (and then desperately) to be allowed to cum.

I want you animalistic and unapologetic.

Driven by your desires to fuck me into oblivion.

A good top understands what really matters is being there. And not just showing up. Everything else is bells and whistles.