Favourite way to edge a submissive?


My favorite way to edge her is so that she’s a desperate, writhing, soaked in sweat, begging, whimpering puddle of her own juices.

So that she can’t think of anything else but the steady ache and yearning between her legs. So that her mind is a cloudy muddled jumble of nothing and the only thing she can focus on is the primal urge to have release and to get her in a state where she will say or do absolutely anything to get that release.

Thank you for writing.

Remind me to show you my favorite way to edge you.

The key isn’t just to torment and tease, inspect, and test, and operate you like a set of options till in your need you nearly forget your humanity.

The key is to revel in your increasingly frantic, animal responses till *I* nearly forget *your* humanity instead and start using your body like a teenager with a new game console.

And heaven help you if you can come more than once. Because that means we can start alllll over again!

I mean. If you can you probably will! It’ll be… Intensely enjoyable. But… intense!

And then there’s that feeling when one of us glances up at the window and we realize it’s almost dawn, we’re both exhausted, we’ve both got work in just a couple of hours, and…

Mmmmm, that! That’s my favorite way to edge a lover.