Futhermore: “tumblr” as you experience it is defined entirely by whom you’re following. If you think tumblr doesn’t focus enough on recovery or female artists or Jason Momoa, follow some recovery/female artists/Jason Momoa blogs, and tumblr will change.

THIS. People are always going on about “tumblr is so toxic” like there’s a singular tumblr experience and we’re all helpless to escape it. UNFOLLOW PEOPLE. If someone’s putting bullshit on your dash, just unfollow them. Follow new people. It really is that simple. Tumblr is what you make it.

You could seriously only follow five people you like. Nobody’s making you join the discourse.

Awesome advice. The tumblr app might bite a bug one, at least the Apple version. But you can easily control what you want to see.

There can be problem with epistemic closure —in politics Chou can end up only seeing positions you agree with.

But for kinks, fetishes, orientations, and other sexual preferences or means you’re only exposing yourself to people with the same or complementary preferences. And with sex that can be kind of a bonus.