For men: What’s the appeal in nutting in your girl? Like easier cleanup?


It feels amazing.

Leaving aside the use of the word “nut,” which is even more dumb and male-dismissive than “cum,” is this a trick question?

I mean, on the one hand I’m glad that people are so used to condoms that this is even a question.  And I’m also happy that people would be so inexperienced that they think coming in one’s partner’s vagina is easier to cleanup.

But, yeah, mostly it feels wonderful.  Pulling out just before you come is almost like interrupting a sneeze!  

I’m not saying it’s the most important thing about partner sex.  But!  Since the alternative (as presented in porn, naturally) is to get so hot, bothered, excited, and about to come from fucking, or oral, that you… what… have to ditch your partner, pull out, and masturbate because it feels so good…

Yeah, that’s just weird.

Obviously you want to have protection.  Obviously it’s even better to have two forms of contraception.  And yes, withdrawal (before orgasm begins!) is a only a little less reliable than condoms as a second form of contraception (22% failure rate for withdrawal vs 15-18% for condoms.)  

But seriously, it mostly feels nicer to “nut” ???? in your partner than to pull out and masturbate.