for you n your followers: would you even consider a sub who /can’t/ do fellatio at all, even on a strap on? like i’m talking hard-limit i-will-safeword-immediately can’t.


Ooooooh, tough call. I do love me some fellatio, but I’d waive that if the girl brought a stellar level of other skills to the table. Followers?

Limits are limits.  Boundaries are boundaries.  If getting blowjobs is really the essence of being a Dom for you, or your requirement for Submission, then that’s… pretty fragile, isn’t it?

That sounds like snark, I know.  But consider that an essence of their being is not giving blowjobs!  That’s also pretty fragile.

Consider the person who must live with cats and another who’s deathly allergic to cats.  In that case it’s easy to get that if one person is too fragile to have something, and their partner is too fragile not to have it, then they’re not compatible.

“Not compatible” ≠ “bad people.”

If the only sticking point is blowjobs, but it really is the sticking point then the anon and their Sub aren’t compatible.  And since it sounds like they like each other otherwise then they should consider parting on excellent term and with no hard feelings.  And wish each other the best of luck and each support the other’s search for someone they are compatible with!

There are roughly as many men who aren’t into receiving blowjobs as there are prospective partners who don’t want to give them.  I’d add that there are as many prospective partners for whom “blowjobs are mandatory” as erotica anthologist Rachel Kramer Bussel once put it.  (That she had to say it is evidence that not all her partners were into receiving, right?)