Gee idk too. I thought it was a thing that dicks can do. But now that you’ve raised that question, indeed, how do they do it? ???????? I guess not all dicks are the same. Some can bend backwards some can’t. Much like curling your tongue. Though, I’ve heard that curling your tongue is a generic trait. I don’t know

This is about my earlier question about how they get male Submissive’s dicks to bend backwards so the whole thing is visible from behind.  Based on a post by @femdomunicorn.   

think maybe the trick is the men aren’t really erect?  Though they might be outwardly “plumped” due to a cock ring or something similar?  That would leave the outer parts looking erect but without any inner anchoring.

It could be that the penile suspensory ligament can be stretched sufficiently over time to overcome resistance and that Submissive men feel motivated to do this?

Or, femdomunicorn could be right that some just bend that way?  Or maybe it’s a masochist thing, getting their dicks bent in half really does hurt, and that’s a good thing?