Gonna seem like a joke but not kidding…if your girl was hurt like she stubbed her toe and it got sprained and she was hurting in that way (so non sexually) would you play with it so it hurt her more because you like pain or are you only referring to strictly sexual pain you impose on her


Good Lord, no! The very idea is abhorrent! There’s consensual pain infliction, and then there’s whatever the fuck that is. Here’s the kind of guy I am. I might be whaling away doing all sorts of depraved, brutal, sadistic things. I accidentally bonk the girl’s head against the headboard. “Oh shit baby, I’m so sorry!! Are you ok?? Let me see, let me check it!!” No, seriously, that’s a thing that I did one time.

Bottom line: if the girl isn’t enjoying receiving the pain as much as I’m enjoying inflicting the pain, it is a total non-starter for me.

Well.  It’s a logical question if you’re unclear about S&M.  Sort of like the old Freudian-era joke “Beat me said the masochist; no said the sadist.”  

But, yeah, that’s not how it works.

Instead it’s sort of like my post about cheaply-made sex-shop collars earlier today.  Or the meme that was being reposted earlier where a dom will bruise his sweetie’s butt but also come running with band-aids and kisses if they stub their toe.  Or where it’s ok for a masochist to safeword long enough for their top to scratch an itch… before the spanking resumes.  Or loosen a binding when circulation is cut off.

In all those cases a Sadist wants you to experience pain, not suffering.  

Just like there’s a huge difference between Domination and abuse, there’s an equally large difference between a Sadist and a $%@# psychopath.