Good morning Grey Wolf! Do you currently have submissive? Or interest in taking one on?


I don’t discuss my personal business on my blog.

This is a pretty good policy.  A responsible lover would respect their partner’s privacy.  And make damn sure they had consent even if they didn’t respect their privacy.  And not to put too fine a point on it but even the best relationships can come to an end and then there’s one or the other party to an ended relationship broadcast all over.  With some partisans blaming one side or the other, sympathizing with one or the other, and (generally speaking) making all kinds of assumptions about what’s going on when, really, even if you broadcast your relationship 24/7 there’ll still be nuances that most people would miss.

Not saying it’s wrong if you do.  Relationship blogs can be cool, cathartic, and heartwarming as hell.  But step into it knowingly, get real, full-discloser consent from all concerned.