Guess what! I got rid of my Daddy who wasn’t a Daddy.


I cannot even express how much I smiled when I read this ask….

Having personally counselled this little myself about the issues she was facing, I can tell you this was a monumental step in forward progress that was extremely difficult for her to do… but I can also tell you how incredibly proud I am of her for having done it.

With that… I present to you…

Misters guide to leaving your daddy properly, and how to give yourself aftercare when you do.

Leaving an abusive, neglectful, or otherwise bad relationship can be difficult. Often times littles will end up going back.. and this is for a number of reasons.

The “daddy” was a manipulative abuser who will try to get you back. He will say and do things.. make promises.. or even turn the tables and make you feel like it was your fault for leaving. He will grind you into the ground until you agree to come back, and then begin the cycle of abuse all over again.

So you fall for it.. thinking that over 7 billion people dont exist in the rest of the world and hes the only one youll have inside of the bubble hes forced you into.

So how do you overcome this repetitive behavior?

The first step is to block him. and do not discuss it with him… just do it. He uses his words to hurt you and destroy you, and if you try to justify or tell him why and how and when youre going to leave, that just gives him another chance to ring you in even more. 

Its kind of like using the 1-2-3 counting method on a disobedient child… all you are doing is giving them 3 extra seconds to be a twirp. But in this case, hes going to mentally grab you by the throat and force you to stay.

After blocking him… you may feel a burst of freedom and joy and OMG I CANT BELIEVE I DID IT. I AM SO AWESOME…

This will be followed with remorse and feelings and thoughts of wrong doing… its going to tempt you to think you did something bad, and that you need to grovel back and apologize.. and of course hes happy to continue making you a victim. 


Realize your worth so much more than being a doormat or a dumpster for some weak and impotent adult childs shortcomings and inferiority complex.

 Take note: I believe in you. I really do. And I want you to succeed. 

so do this….

On a piece of paper write exactly these things:

“I believe in you and you are awesome. You are a strong and confident person and you can get through this. You are special and worthy of only the best, and no one can tell you otherwise. Your submission is a precious gift to only be given to those who deserve it… and no one is allowed to just take it from you.

You are beautiful and adorable, and you are a prized possession for the one that someday will earn the right to be called your daddy. So stay strong and remember that you are loved by me and so many other littles out there. You are an inspiration for your choice… and you should be proud of yourself.”

And then when you have done this… sign it “Mister”

then fold it up, and keep it with you always.

And then everytime the fear and doubt monsters come.. every time it gets hard… every time its a struggle… you open it up and read it and know that I mean it. No matter who you are, if you are reading this right now… and you have the absolute courage and strength that this little did…. you do this and keep it with you always. BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOU ARE AWESOME.

I love you all…. and your progress and growth is my number one passion. Never give up… and never give in… because you are not alone.

Just for the record I don’t repost stuff like this because I’m a supreme, perfect Daddy, or top, or erstwhile Dom.  Not even because I care deeply about real abuse, gaslighting, codependence, etc., calling itself kink.  Not even because I never want another human being, ever, anywhere, to suffer unnecessarily, inside a relationship or inside society as a whole.

I’m not reposting this because I’m an ideal Daddy, a perfect lover, or a wonderful, flawless human being.  I’m reposting it because I know I’m not flawless, not an uber-kink “sexpert,” not infallible, and definitely not confident I never have and never will make any of the mistakes listed above.

I’m posting it not just so Littles, Subs, and other bottoms will be warned to maintain boundaries, recognize codependence, or abuse from “lesser” tops.  Not just so they can hold those other tops accountable.  It’s because, as one of the 7+ billion fallible human beings on the planet I might need to be accountable too.

I don’t want to make any of those mistakes, though I’ve surely made too many of them in the past.  And to be honest I might make different mistakes now.  

But contrary to the Red Pill brigade’s notions of (male) Dominance as some sort of innate male superiority actual Leader/Follower relationships are partnerships.  And partners support each other and hold each other accountable.  Including me, not just instead of me.