He slipped His arm around her tiny waist cupping her breast as he woke
She murmured and clutched His hairy arm
He pulled her and rolled her on her back for a kiss
She breathed life into His savage heart with return kisses
He squeezed a tiny part of her till she arched
Her hands fell to her sides obediently, her neck exposed in reply
He tasted her here as he twisted a bit there
He said ‘Take off your panties’ as he nuzzled her collar
She moaned a deep gutteral moan and lifted her knees to her chest
Laying them gently on the pillow, the aroma excited her
She lay there, in a tucked up ball as His hands roamed
Caressing her hindquarters like she were His greatest prize
She loved not knowing what He would do
Only that He would focus all His energy on her
She smiled and purred so sweetly when He dipped between her lips
She knew she’d pass inspection but it was always so exciting at first
‘Daddy… you make me so wet with just your merest touches…’
‘Kitten… we have all morning to explore you while the snow falls…’

Original writing © ThePoeticSir 2017

(via thepoeticsir)

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