Heh.  Back in the 20th Century anti-feminists, feminists, psychologists, sexologists, and pornographers would have tied themselves in knots trying to explain how this is still the dick owner doing all the… well.. doing, wouldn’t they?

Objectively speaking it’s as inherently “submissive” for me to be on my hands and knees so I can thrust my hips against you, but too many folks think it is submissive for you to firmly plant your shoulders and heels so you can thrust your hips at me.

Phallocentric culture simply couldn’t see it any other way.

It just often bugs me when I hear sex-negative artificial-vanillas and newbie kinksters opine that Subs or Littles shouldn’t be on top or shouldn’t be active because that’s “dominant.”  Ahahah!  No, I promise, it’s relationship dynamic, not position and activity level, that determines whether power exchange is present.