Hello Ash, I’ve been trying to figure out more about myself, to understand what I need in life. I’m 19, and Ive recently started to explore. I have a lot of “little” tendencies, but I have always hated being treated like a child (I’ve always been very intelligent for my age). Everyone out there is looking for a label as an indicator of what kind of person I am. Everything is very confusing. I hope you have an excellent night, your bunny is adorable!


Hey sweetie!!! I’m sorry you feel under pressure, let people look for a label ???? they’ll never find one, you are who YOU WANT TO BE and if you have a name for it then good for you, but it never covers ALL of who you are. I’m a million different things with a million different emotions just like everyone else in the world. I am a little, but you won’t find another little like me and I’ll never be like any other little, because we are all different. A little is your mind set and that is all, I hate being spoken down too as well, I’ve always had an issue with authority and being told what to do, but it’s just different with Daddy, even then sometimes I kick back and get bratty. You are who you are, if people are asking you to define yourself rather than get to know all the aspects of you and appreciate you as the unique individual you are then they’re not worth one more second if your time. Lots of love and hugs sweetie ????

This is just the way I see it but Cg/L isn’t about absolute age. (Technically it’s about roles not years but let’s not get distracted.)

A 72 year old can easily have a 90-year-old bio parent. And still be that 90-year-old’s little one and they be their Daddy or Mommie. All with full and complete acknowledgement that at age 72 the offspring is not a child. Right?

Same with Cg/L. You go to have to “regress” to be Little. You can be a Daddy or Mommy if our Little doesn’t regress.

Doesn’t mean you can’t regress! Or that you can’t enjoy elements of childhood in your play.

But consider that when I go to the zoo with my grown children we have a lot of fun together, and reflect on memories of when I carried them in baby backpacks! But (heh! I don’t have to cut up their cheesy food court snacks for them anymore.

Same with play with a kink partner, though it can feel very naughty to let them casually feed you bites.

Point is you can both thoroughly enjoy Cg/L as adults, without being treated like a child.