Hello! I just recently discovered your blog and I am absolutely in love with it! Your writing is truly amazing and you are very talented. But I do have a question, what are “inspections”? I’ve seen you post about them a couple of times and I’m just curious as to what they are… thanks(:


It’s an excellent question. Excellent questions deserve detailed responses.

An inspection is where a sub would come home one day and her Dom would want to make sure her pussy is to his liking. For me, that means bare and smooth. Why do I like it that way? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because I don’t like anything getting in the way of my tongue carefully and artfully licking and stroking and sucking every inch of her pussy. Making sure that I can caress and massage her clit and every delicate fold without the least possible bit of distraction.

But you didn’t ask about that. You asked about the inspection. So let me explain.

I’d have my sub bend over and hold her ankles real tight. I’d hike her skirt up over her hips or pull her pants down to her ankles and have her spread her legs apart to the extent possible. I’d rub my hands on her bottom and her thighs and watched as she stayed still, enjoying her breathing getting louder and heavier. I’d take my fingers and gently rub her sex through the thin fabric of her panties, calmly remarking how wet she is already is. Two fingers up and down nice and slow, listening to her, talking to her, telling her how good she is, describing how my hands would be exploring her naked body later. Followed by my mouth. Letting her know that I’m hungry for her that evening and I would need extra time to make sure I had my fill.

From there, I’d pull down her panties revealing her bare, delicious sex, the gleam of her arousal evident for me. I’d spread apart each fold of her sensitive flesh, carefully and intimately running my fingers over it, perhaps letting my tongue get a brief sample, remarking to her how good she tastes. I’d then make my way to her clit, stroking it softly, circling it with my thumb, feeling it swell and harden as I massaged it.

When I was done, I would then spread her ass cheeks apart. Nice and slow. Rub my finger around the entrance of her most intimate hole. Pushing my finger gently inside. Letting her know that every fucking inch of her belongs to me. Pushing and pulling in and out of her while my other hand rubs and massages her sopping pussy.

Anyway, that’s how I’d start. There’d be more but you’ve got the idea I think.

I hope that answered your question sufficiently. Here at AOD we aim to teach, as well as entertain. Enjoy your afternoon.

When it’s appropriate, an older, experienced gentleman… one who understands that hair feels as lovely to his fingertips as bare skin feels to his lips and tongue… might add a step for teasingly stroking soft curls aside before parting each fold hidden beneath.

But all the rest?  Panties stretched tight around your ankles to hobble you?  Firm hands on your hips to steady you?  Warm breath against your bottom?  A soft tongue completing your inspection?

Then a brisk pat on your bottom and a soft-spoken “good girl?”

Mmmm, always going to inspect you, butterfly!

But don’t think you can pull up your panties…

It’s a pre-flight inspection.