hello I was just curious if you would try sex with boxing gloves on or pose naked in boxing gloves? I have a boxing gloves sex fetish? If you try my sex fetish you will get lots of cum dumped inside your pussy by just wearing boxing gloves or just being naked.



Yeah…not a fucking chance. You sent me this exact same ask like two weeks ago and it was totally inappropriate and out of line then and it’s totally inappropriate and out of line now. I am not a live version of the sock you wank into. I don’t care what your fetish is. I don’t want your (likely diseased) cum anywhere near any part of me. Try approaching women as actual people as opposed to vending machines that you feed your fetish into and get spank bank material out of.

Bye bye.

This this this.

Note: it’s not about the boxing gloves.  Who knows, even if indulging someone’s boxing-glove fetish wasn’t that much fun it would certainly be harmless.  But, again, it’s not about the boxing gloves. Instead it’s about politely asking another human being for a favor.  Where “politely” includes not adding that you’d cum-dump the human being you’re asking for a favor if they did you the favor!