hello I was just curious if you would try sex with boxing gloves on or pose naked in boxing gloves? I have a boxing gloves sex fetish? If you try my sex fetish you will get lots of cum dumped inside your pussy by just wearing boxing gloves or just being naked.




This this this.

Note: it’s not about the boxing gloves.  Who knows, even if indulging someone’s boxing-glove fetish wasn’t that much fun it would certainly be harmless.  But, again, it’s not about the boxing gloves. Instead it’s about politely asking another human being for a favor.  Where “politely” includes not adding that you’d cum-dump the human being you’re asking for a favor if they did you the favor!

Asking a complete stranger on the internet – with whom you have NEVER INTERACTED – to indulge your fetish without any indication that approaching them this way is okay is not a favor. It’s an attempt to circumvent things like, you know, being a decent human being and treating others with the basic respect that your fellow human being deserves.

I don’t care what the fetish is. Like literally do not care at all. I care about being treated like he’s entitled to me and my body.


Yeah…not a fucking chance. You sent me this exact same ask like two weeks ago and it was totally inappropriate and out of line then and it’s totally inappropriate and out of line now. I am not a live version of the sock you wank into. I don’t care what your fetish is. I don’t want your (likely diseased) cum anywhere near any part of me. Try approaching women as actual people as opposed to vending machines that you feed your fetish into and get spank bank material out of.

Bye bye.

I don’t care what the fetish is. Like literally do not care at all. I care about being treated like he’s entitled to me and my body.
– @fuckmethroughthesheets

In case I wasn’t clear enough, this! ^^^^


  • People who post naked selfies on the internet tend to be posting them for themselves, not for others
  • Exhibitionism is a legitimate, independent kink, not a sideshow for internet rubberneckers
  • Feedback is a surprisingly small motivator for exhibitionists 
  • Exhibitionists like to do what turns them on
  • Exhibitionists aren’t coin operated
  • (This applies to camshow operators who, like ordinary selfie posters, have their own ideas about performance, production, narrative, and what they want to reveal)
  • Everybody has boundaries  
  • Everyone in kink has boundaries
  • Everyone in kink has boundaries including exhibitionists
  • Everyone in kink has boundaries including exhibitionists you have the total hots for
  • Exhibitionists who post selfies on the Tumblr generally aren’t looking for dates, partners, or someone to dump come in, on, or around them
  • Tumblr isn’t a dating site
  • Exhibitionists may not want to fuck anybody
  • Exhibitionists almost certainly don’t want to fuck you
  • Exhibitionists may welcome suggestions and requests
  • Exhibitionists may also tell you to fuck off with your requests
  • Exhibitionists are goddamn human beings
  • You are not entitled to make demands of an exhibitionist (on Tumblr or anywhere else)
  • Your erotic enthusiasm is not an exhibitionist’s priority
  • Exhibitionism being their fetish, your fetish is definitely not their priority or responsibility
  • You are entitled to your fetish.  You are not entitled to impose your fetish on anybody else
  • Not even someone who posts naked selfies
  • Exhibitionism and voyeurism being completely separate kinks, exhibitionists don’t necessarily want to see you naked
  • Even if you’re an exhibitionist too!
  • If an exhibitionist says “I’m looking for suggestions” it’s ok to send them a suggestion
  • It’s still got to be a polite suggestion
  • Just because you make a suggestion you’re not entitled to have your suggestion answered  
  • Not even if they asked for suggestions!
  • Exhibitionists are autonomous, independent human beings equal in every single possible way to every other human being
  • Even you!
  • Even if you have so little self-respect you go making anonymous entitled demands of others that’s your problem not theirs
  • Don’t make yourself their problem
  • This is not a complete list