Hello Sir i love your blog. What are your favorite types scents on a woman? Fruity? Elegant? Floral? Etc?


Any guy who can answer that question is probably gay. Guys don’t know that kinda shit I’m sorry. I like yummy sexy perfume. Hope that answers your question.

Eh. Maybe not. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Carles. He and his son designed scents for Dior, among others.

The scents I prefer most tend to be heady, maybe musky or resin-y. Not men’s style but…

Ok, the kinds I like tend to enhance or build on women’s natural scents rather than mask them. (note: Taboo… Tabu?? Goes a bit far but that’s sort of the idea.)

Otherwise… I dunno. I have a fairly poor sense of smell. Like most men. Straight or gay.

Which would be the key point, wouldn’t it? There are plenty of stereotypes about gay men, same as the ones about men from the rural south. Or, ahem, Australia.

But most gay men aren’t hairdressers or perfumers, most Southern men aren’t into moonshine or inbreeding, and most Australians aren’t drunken, vowel-gargling date-rapists.

Instead these are all scurrilous myths and stereotypes spread by ignorance, inexperience, and media misrepresentation.

Just saying.