Hello Sir! I’m trying to find Christmas gifts both for my Master and his other slave. I have no idea what to get for him since he has everything in his dungeon(ideas are appreciated), but for his other slave I want to get custom made cuffs. Do you know any leather specialized store that could make them? I feel like half of what I find online or in etsy is not trustworthy. I dont mind it being a little pricey, but i really want it to be good quality. Thank you very much for your assistance. -H



A kink relationship is still a relationship!  The anon’s Master is still their partner.  Unless the Master has been specific, gifts don’t have to be kink related.  That doesn’t mean you can get them socks or a tie! But otherwise think about what you’d get a well-liked vanilla partner and consider getting him non-kinky that you think he’d enjoy receiving.

As for the fellow Slave, If there’s not a good leather shop in your town and if you’re comfortable shopping online, and especially if the other Slave is a man, Doghouse Leathers in Seattle has very good, ethically-sourced, fairly priced, and often locally-made bondage gear.  They also ship internationally.  Note: I’m not at all affiliated with them but since I used to do leatherwork for a living I visited their shop this summer.  They do good work and they’re nice people too.

Good luck!