Hello! What is a Bimbo? I came across that word yesterday and I made a research, but I didn’t understand exactly what it is (maybe because English isn’t my first language). Is it a type of sugar baby? I know you’re not Google, but I really would appreciate if you could explain that to me. And thank you for answering my other question. ADD lg here again. Oh, and I promise I won’t keep sending you asks.


“Bimbo” is an old term roughly equivalent to “low class slut” or “floozy.”

Innes parlance it seems to be more of a “dumb blonde” fetish where the woman (virtually always the woman) is deemed to be stupid, helpless, completely objectified, hyperfeminized, of use only for sex, often cosmetically and even surgically enhanced.

I consider it to be one of those dangerous areas like race play, in the sense that, like “sissification” in men it plays directly if of darkly misogynistic gender assumptions. But the women I know who practice it tend to be razor-sharp, and no more tolerant of actual misogyny than any other intelligent kinksters.