Hey Eve, I was wondering if you have any advice on how I can work on oral for my Dom. Specifically, how I can get over the texture and taste of his semen. I want to please him by swallowing after oral, but I don’t know a good way to get over how it feels and tastes in my mouth. It would be appreciated if you had any tips!



I think this is one of those things where your Dom should be able to meet you half way. If he wants you to swallow and you are not really into that, you gotta compromise. 

1) diet. His diet specifically. Coffee, alcohol, red meats, asparagus, brussel sprouts, and high carb foods have all been reported to make the taste of cum less pleasant. 

2) water intake. This can seriously impact the texture. If all he drinks is Mountain Dew and black coffee and doesn’t drink a reasonable amount of plain water, yeah… it’s not going to be quite the same. 

3) frequency of orgasms. Experiment with him having more or less. Time between ejaculation can impact the texture and thickness of the cum.

4) flavored lube. This could either help or create a really unpleasant flavor combo. I LOVE the System Jo flavored lubes personally. Some people also use breath mints and gum before oral because apparently some guys like the tingle but I am not sure how good of an idea it is to mix minty extracts and the urethra. 

5) or just don’t do it? Please don’t be coerced into doing any sexual acts that make you deeply uncomfortable. Not only does it cause a build up of resentment if he can’t find a middle ground with you but it just isn’t good for the relationship in general. Forcing girls to swallow is like THE number one thing vanilla bros try to convince girls to do (besides trying anal?) when they don’t really want to. You don’t owe him or his penis annnyyythingggg. D/s or not. So please don’t let him guilt you if it comes down to that. Spitting it out is 100% okay!


If you can get that #5 is a legitimate option, and, seriously, it is, then the other four will seem less daunting.

Few things in life are a bigger enthusiasm killer than “I know I’m supposed to.”

More to the point, getting #5 for yourself makes it easier for your Dom to get it too.