Hey! I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2016 and for the most part I thought I overcame it through therapy. However ever since I’ve been dating, my anxiety has returned. I’m constantly overthinking, getting depressed over scenarios that I created in my head, and I don’t communicate properly. Yesterday was the worst episode and I felt absolutely horrified at making my boyfriend be a part of it. Has anyone has this problem before? Where do I start to find help?



When one has a healthcare breakdown of any kind it’s best to go back to the same professionals who took care of you before.  Yes, mileage may vary, blah, blah, blah, but that’s almost always the go-to choice.  They have your records, they remember you, you’ve already got a relationship with them, and you can continue your care rather than start over from scratch with all new caregivers.

I am sooooo not a healthcare provider myself, so all I’m doing is guessing that the anon might be experiencing one of the following situations

  • A relapse of a anxiety and depression that’s unrelated to dating
  • A new challenge that wasn’t or couldn’t be addressed in your first course of treatment
  • Something else that trained professionals who who’ve cared for you in the past will recognize and be better able to help with than even the nicest strangers on the internet. 

The main thing, though, is they’re able to help you in ways that neither you or, especially, your boyfriend can.  There’s a non-zero chance in a case like this that you might just need a “tune-up” to adjust to the circumstances.