Hey probably a dumb question but I think I’m bi but I’ve heard bi people don’t exist? And I assumed I was straight growing up so I don’t know have I just created a fucked up fetish for the same sex?


I honestly cannot believe this is a question I’m getting in 2018 (casual reminder that my blog is 18+ only). It’s really sad if this is a serious question.

Yes, bi people exist. Lots of non-straight identities exist. LGBT people are valid. National Coming Out Day was yesterday–surely you’ve noticed that queer people exist.

Please Google “LGBT resources.” Your sexuality is not a fetish.

If you grow up in certain circles you can get that message.  It’s a popular notion in vanilla culture – a lot of straight, lesbian, and gay people are somewhere between baffled, antagonistic, and in outright denial about bisexuality.

They all need to get over it.  You exist.