Hi Brittany! Been watching your channel for awhile now and wanted to ask you something! My boyfriend and I are new to the scene, and by the end of 2019 would like to attend a party but not play. As we are monogamous and don’t play with others. Is this something that is ok? Or would it be seen as “rude” etc? Thank you so much and love your video you just put out today! ????


You are valid.

Monogamy is VALID!

People who say otherwise, are living in some weird place that is outside of reality. And anyone who tells you that you aren’t valid is projecting some personal issues they have with monogamy. 

Welcome to the fam, both of you! And remember, BDSM is a lifestyle and it has a culture but when it comes to how YOU TWO practice your lifestyle, it should be about you, as humans. This is your life, spend it placing your values over the opinions of others. 

Thank you for reaching out and trusting me to offer some sanity in a world that is new to you. I hope you have fun and love it, or if not, I hope you’ve learned something about yourself and can use this time to boost yourself into your next level of happiness <3

Since one hears about polyamory, swinging, and casual play at kink parties it might feel like nobody’s monagamous in kink. This isn’t because monogamy is rare but because it’s so common that monogamous folks forget to mention it.

Non-monogamous people mention their status to distinguish themselves from the majority, not because they’re the majority.