Hi mister! Would you ever dom someone on the higher end of the autism spectrum? People say they don’t like me cause I’m different. So basically can littles have mild autism or do they have to not have it?

Good questions!  I think it can be ok to have mild autism and be a Little.

I’m related to lots of higher-functioning people on the autism and Asperger spectrum. And since I’ve been in sciences and tech I know and have worked with people on the spectrum too.  (I’m not on the Asperger spectrum but I test right below the bottom edge.)

The nice thing about D/S is that it’s a lot about limits and boundaries.   Those are pretty important for people on the A-Team, and they can be really important for Daddies and Littles too.

I think it’s ok to be a Little with autism as long as you (maybe with help from your team) are able to function well enough to make good decisions about other choices in your life.  

You shouldn’t be a Little for just anybody though.  Some Daddies, Doms, and other Caregivers might feel very comfortable with you, especially if they have family experience with others on the spectrum.  But someone who doesn’t get it might make a lot of mistakes that leave you both unhappy.  (But I say that to everybody, because everybody is a little different, huh?)