Hi! Mr. Bear, how do you find daddies in real life? Is there a secret club? You seem like a really good cuddler also! Your little girl (whoever she is) will be lucky!


Just gotta go out in the real world silly. A Daddy, to Me at least, is just a boyfriend but on an extreme level. It’s a lot more intimate, a lot more intense. I know a lot of folks use fetlife as well. It’s not for Me but to each there own. And I don’t brag about much, but My cuddle skills definitely top notch if I do say so Myself. However, I’m definitely always gonna be the lucky one…

The good news is that both society and nature provide a lot of models and scripting for caregiver roles in general and parental roles in particular. So an awful lot of men (and women) come sort of preconfigured for the basics.

Not everyone is comfortable bringing it into kink. But it’s pretty easy do check. “Sometimes I wish I could be treated like when I was small.” Sometimes I like to call you “Daddy,”. Maybe after listening or watching one of the million movies and music vidieos that mention it. (“My heart belongs to daddy?”)

See how they respond. If they’re generally positive you might be able to admit it’s a real turn on for you. And… that would be around the point you and they start talking about turning, limits, boundaries, etc., anyway.

See if that helps. Good luck!