Hi Pippa! I feel really anxious bc my daddy is studying to be a doctor and there’s this girl from his class who offered to be a test dummy for him to learn to draw blood (he’s practiced on me once but he’s scared of hurting me and doesn’t wanna do it). I really don’t like it, it makes me feel jealous and insecure. He knows and he’s trying to be really gentle with me but I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna stop him from furthering his career either ???? what do I do??


Heeeey! (My name is Ash btw) You suck it up and realize that as a person – as a doctor he will have to interact with other people – period. Being insecure is one thing, but you will hold him back if you are getting jealous of him practicing medicine when he needs to. He is protecting you and working his butt off to be an awesome member of society that helps people. You can either appriciate how amazing he is to want to protect you and become and doctor all the while being your Daddy or you can obsess and twist what he’s doing into something it’s not and loose him. I don’t mean to be harsh, I just want you to focus on what’s important before you hurt yourself or him. There’s a lot of people that would kill to have a partner as caring and hard working as that, so don’t take him for granted and twist what he’s doing into something it’s not. Good luck sweetpea – be protective, but within reason. Lots of love.

Ash’s anon is doing well, acknowledging the source of the problem rather than projecting it onto her partner or his classmate. And Ash’s reframing of her feelings from one of anxiety to protectiveness is awesome!

We often think of Subs and Littles and other power-exchange donors as not having power at all. But they necessarily have plenty or what would there be to exchange!?!?

There’s no power in jealousy or anxiety, is there? If you think about it, jealousy and anxiety are pure embodiments of powerlessness!

There’s incredible power in protectiveness though. Littles and Subs can be incredibly powerful protectors.

This is why Ash’s invitation impressed me so much. From a position of protectiveness the anon can assess the classmate’s offer clearly and fearlessly. And from that position, most likely, she’ll recognize that the classmate is just a classmate. Or else assess the classmate as really having ulterior motives and request her Daddy find another classmate to be his blood-drawing partner.