Hi! weird question but ive tried swallowing cum a few times and every time its made my throat burn, tingle or sometimes even swell up. After swallowing, my stomach hurts really bad. Is there any way to make spitting out cum hot, or find a way to overcome this? ;; thank u sir!




I’ve never swallowed cum. I’ve never heard of this being an issue. Followers? Anyone? And no, spitting is not hot. It’s offensive to me. It’s like me going down on you and then after a little while saying “yuck!” and then spitting on your floor.

To add in my two cents worth and to call on the amazing @submissive-seeking for her advice.

There could be a few reasons that something like this may happen, allergies seem to be the main potential reason that I can think of with my (very) limited medical knowledge. I know that the only time I’ve ever had an issue with swallowing (per se) comes down to if my partner has eaten anything horrifically spicy in the last day, but, in saying that @anon I think if it’s really that bad and really hurts your throat and stomach that much, find alternate ways to enjoy his release…

– Have him cum on you while you’re stroking him and talking dirty.

– (IF your skin doesn’t react to it) have him finish on your face.

– And my personal favourite (because visually it’s so damn hot) holding it in your mouth and then letting it dribble out on to your neck and chest.

if all else fails, see your GP and then sit down with whomever you’re enjoying this with and let them know how it effects you and fingers crossed you aren’t dealing with an insufferable asshole that can’t accept your health and he helps you find another way through it! :)

Hi @yessiraustralia-again @anon ,

Anything that causes your throat to swell should be avoided.

You sound to me like you’re having a very rare but life threatening allergic reaction to the proteins in the seminal fluid. It’s called anaphylaxis and it leads to anaphylactic shock. (If you do nothing else and have access to an **Epipen, always have it out and available to male partners after you inform them.)

The way this works is the body reacts as if these proteins are an invader and dangerous. It’s called an IgE mediated response. Everytime you are exposed, the body’s response gets bigger and faster. Eventually, you will have a life threatening episode like those with peanut allergies or bee sting allergies.

The only way to survive anaphylactic shock is to protect the airway.

An immediate Epipen injection and a call to 911 is in order with accidental exposure. The Epipen buys you time to get intubated if needed. If the airway swells shut, you will die.

I really can’t emphasize this enough, GO TO YOUR PHYSICIAN AND TELL THEM EVERYTHING!

They will perform a few simple tests and confirm the suspected allergy, prescribe an Epipen and explore possible avenues of desensitization.

I’ve linked to a journal article about this rare allergy.

You really are describing classic onset of anaphylactic shock. The throat tingling, itching, and possibly feeling altered are what’s experienced in the early exposures to an allergen. Then the swelling of the throat, tongue and often similar sensations in the lips in subsequent exposures. Eventually the throat swells and the airway itself is compromised.

Please get help now

Thank you for the kind words @shes-a-sadist .

**Epipen is a self contained, self injectable form of Epinephrine, aka adrenaline.

Just a quick reminder that you don’t have to swallow after someone’s come in your mouth if…

  • You’re allergic to it
  • You don’t like it
  • You don’t enjoy it
  • You just plain fucking don’t want to

Same as any other thing you’re asked to swallow, from chocolate to peppermint to whiskey to oysters to chopped liver.

The OP who answered the ask first said “I’ve never swallowed it” and saying that if you don’t want to swallow his come then “it’s like saying ‘yuk’ and spitting on the floor.”  

That last part is actually kind of true.  If someone comes in your mouth and you make a giant production out of how gross it is, and you spit it out all over the floor, then sure, that’s pretty rude.

Fortunately, there are more than those two choices.  Maybe, oh, hundreds of choices actually!

I think the most sensual thing that ever happened to me after a blowjob was when someone daintily drooled it back over my crown and used it as super lubrication for those last few full-length strokes, when I’m ordinarily too sensitive.  That?  That was wonderful!  Then she grabbed a soft, warm washcloth for me to clean up with the way I’d bring her one when I’d come in or on her.

That’s just a for-instance, by the way.  She’d swallowed me before and while she evidently hadn’t minded the taste she didn’t at all liked how sticky semen can get in contact with water or (her?) saliva.  Believe me I didn’t mind!

Others have swallowed me right down.  Others have discretely slipped it into a towel or handkerchief they had handy.  

Is it nice when someone swallows?  Sure!  It it a “rejection” when they don’t?  Ahahah, what kind of fragile little rosebud of a boy thinks that’s what it means?