Hiii so just wondering if your daddy has a set of rules for you? If so what are they? ????????


Hi! I’ve gotten lots of questions asking about my rules, and yes, my Daddy has rules for me. Before these rules were put in place, my Daddy and I discussed them and agreed they should be rules. My Daddy and I focus on rules that are for the well-being of our relationship, and for my well-being. These are my rules so far:

1. No swearing (except during playtime) 

2. Must call Daddy “Daddy” at all times (except when in public)

3. Must respect Daddy and listen to Daddy

4. Must check in with Daddy at least 5 times per day – (this is so Daddy knows if I’m having a good day or a bad day)

5. Must obey bedtimes – (if one is set, but I almost never have a bedtime since its not practical with my schedule)

6. Must always be open and share with Daddy (no hiding my feelings or if something is bothering me)

7. Must always say thank you after Daddy gives me an orgasm – (tbh, this started as a fun little thing, but politeness is always encouraged :P )

8. Must be committed to and monogamous with Daddy

9. Princess must not eat dessert for meals, and must let Daddy know (when asked) what she is eating to ensure healthy eating – (this is because I used to have a habit of eating pie/cake for breakfast or dinner, oops)

10. Princess must stay with a friend/family member at all times when out at the clubs/bars

11. Princess must never have more than 5 alcoholic drinks in a night, unless out with Daddy 

So yeah, these are my rules ???? 

“Before these rules were put in place, my Daddy and I discussed them and agreed they should be rules.”

Not so hard, is it. THAT’S how lasting D/S and D/Lg relationship work best. If you’re going to have rules negotiate or at least have active buy-in from BOTH partners. (It’s fine to have breakable rules for playtime games, of course. But real rules are more workable when they work for both.)