how a daddy like you would treat a virgin?

I think everyone should treat a virgin the same way you’d treat anyone having their first experience with something you enjoy.  With respect, enthusiasm, and a solid eye on them feeling their experience was a success.

Because that way they might want to do it again!

Even if you and/or they are kinky, and regardless of respective genitals, first-time sex seems to work best for the largest number of people when it occurs as its own thing and all about them – not a part of something else, not a special “treat” or “honor” or “opportunity” for their partner, and definitely not as something “transformative.” (No, virginity does not mean you’re still “a girl,” and no, losing virginity does not “make you ‘a man.’”)

But!  Penetrative sex, PIV intercourse especially, is one of the most technically complicated things two people do.  Not as complex as hitting a baseball but far more complicated than throwing one.  Even though, like throwing a ball or riding a bike, everyone figures it out pretty quickly.  Just not immediately.

If you’ve been having sex for a while you probably don’t think there’s anything to it.  You probably feel the same way about riding a bike… until you teach someone who’s never ridden.  And then you start to remember.

A Daddy like me, and really anybody, would treat someone who’s never had sex the way he’d treat someone who’d never ridden a bike, but would really like to ride with them again and again: making it about what a good learner you were rather than what an “awesome” teacher I was, and definitely not about how much I was looking forward to it.

It’s your sex life.  It’s your experience.  It’s your body.  Just as if it was your birthday, “losing” your virginity works best when it’s your party, not somebody else’s.

Whatever you do, think about Rule #5: Don’t do it like they do it in porn!  Or #%!# porn-y romance novels!  

What do you think?