how do you feel about pubic hair on girls, like hair free, shaped or like free flowing?


I am happy with whatever the girl is most comfortable with! She wants to go totally unshaved? Nice! She wants to do some sculpting and have like a portrait of William Shatner in her pubes? Nice! She wants to be smooth like a fucking porpoise? Nice! In any case, I’m gonna be flattered as fuck to be allowed anywhere near her junk

How one grooms one’s pubic hair is a fashion decision.  And western fashions come and go.  Not all that long ago the assumption in America at least was that the only women who shaved didn’t want their partners to see “the carpet didn’t match the drapes.”  Then it started showing up in porn as “more naked than naked.”  In the 1990s Gwyneth Paltrow of all people popularized the “Brazilian” bald look and by the 2000s according to public health nurses more than half of all women were removing some or all their pubic hair.

Now, as fashions to, the style seems to be trending back towards… however you like it. Which is good.  Your body?  However you like it.

How you like it might change your lover’s behavior a little – sort of like your behavior towards him might change if he grows or shaves his beard.  Bare skin is a little more fun to kiss.  Curls are a lot more fun to run our fingers through.  Bristles are a little less fun for many people but others fined it really sexy.

Bottom line though?  Anyone says “eww, you look like a baby down there” or “eww, it looks like a jungle down there” needs to be told to go finish puberty before they get around women again.

As for asking?  Again it’s the same as with men and beards: nice when a lover asks what we’d prefer, but really it’s their body, their choice.