How to Spot a Fake “Daddy.”


1.) He asks for nudes and insists you do whatever he says within hours of meeting you.
2.) Doesn’t give you structure. Doesn’t act like a Daddy. There are no rules. No bed times. Nothing.
3.) His compliments exclusively focus on your appearance, so he says things like “you look great” and “your boobs are amazing”, but you never get a compliment on your personality or character.
4.) Is suspiciously quick to punish you. You’re always being told you’ve “been a bad girl”, you always feel like you’re not doing enough to make him happy.
5.) He’s only ever really engaged in the convo when he needs something. Other times he’s distant and barely tolerates you. You feel like you’re bugging him.
6.) His profile icon is a picture of his dick, or of him shirtless, or something dumb like that.
7.) He never really feels like your Daddy, the relationship feels empty and hollow. You still feel alone.
8.) Calls you pet names so often that it becomes nauseating. Ends every sentence with “little one” and “princess” and “little girl”; it comes across like he’s trying too hard.
9.) He doesn’t seem interested about learning more about DD/lg and BDSM. You won’t find him reblogging long text posts such as this on his blog (instead it’ll be 100% sexual content).
10.) Can be very mean and hurtful when he doesn’t get his way. Doesn’t understand how sensitive littles can be and is quick to make harsh personal comments.
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(Note that I got this off Facebook didn’t write this myself)

Big ones?  #3, #4, #7.  Definitely #10.

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