How you know he’s earned the title “Daddy”


When he goes out of his way to check on you when you’re sick.
When he stares at you for the longest time and you notice after heaven knows how long..
When he lets you open up about yourself and listens
When he leaves you so sensitive your skin vibrates and the slightest touch makes you fucking squeal like mad***
When he leaves you breathless and grasping on to what little sanity he’s letting you keep and you can feel yourself slipping but it just feels so good you keep demanding more even though you know you can’t take another thrust, kiss, lick, touch, etc..
When he holds you up and lets you sharpen your nails on his back
When in the middle of it all he scrapes up all the air he can and tries to audibly say “I love you” under both of your breaths
When he growls at the very sight of you
When he growls at the very THOUGHT of you.
When you’re all done and the after care is better than the sex itself.***
When he kisses your forehead and says “good girl” and holds you closer
When you both drift off and all you can dream of is being with him for as long as you can~

Sounds about right to me!