Humiliation but not that kind of humiliation



Does anyone else get that? I know that in a lot of femdom porn it’s “You’re a worthless worm, you don’t deserve me, you’re not a man, lock up your cock, you’re acting like girl and that’s shameful, wear panties because haha it’s humiliating” etc and I’m repulsed by that. For one, worm is such a sad comparison, I’d never feel aroused by anyone who I could compare to one, and secondly traditionally feminine things are not tools of humiliation – not for me. Panties are nice, but only because panties are pretty and look nice. Not because they’re a tool for degradation.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not into Humiliation. For me, humiliation is making a boy blush, making him squirm. I just don’t want to use panties or worm comparisons to get him there.

Is it more about shame? Telling a boy he’s a slut, and using his body for your own pleasure. And making him acknowledge it and wallow a little in the shame of it.

Or is it embarrassment? Telling a boy that he needs to open his mouth for you because he’s a good little boy, because he’s willing to do anything for you, because he’s easy and so very lovely to push and smack.

Or is it objectification? Making a boy present himself, a visceral lustfulness taking over you as you watch him, touch him and tell him that he’s your pretty boy, your handsome sub.

Sometimes it’s humiliation, too. That he’s just there to serve you, he can be your footstool, because that’s what he’s good for. A place to rest an ashtray on, maybe. A hot thrill of humiliation would probably run through him, then. But through it he’s still a man, a boy, still worth /something/ even if it’s just what you’ve decided he’ll be for now.

I think it’s a little bit like love, like a the sharp sting of a cane and the dull thud of a paddle. Different but so lovely.

I’m also repulsed by the heel grinding down on a dick, you are a lowly useless sissy bow before me femdom stuff, not my forte.  But everything you described? That different, slightly prideful humiliation is fabulous.  Overwhelming and overloading with praise.  The way you word how easy he is for you.  He’s your toy, and it’s beautiful.  You don’t love him less for it, and he is not less for accepting that.  

Always nice to hear from actual women Doms.  Who, like almost Dominant men, actually like their Subs!

Yeah, there are sociopaths out there who genuinely couldn’t give a fuck about their victim’s satisfaction or, for that matter, their long-term survival.  But actual kinky Doms, Caregivers, Masters, and Sadists genuinely like, respect, and appreciate their partners whether they’re together for a lifetime or only a couple of hours.

Tip: Dom/Sadist/Master ≠ sociopath