I am sick and tired and stressed and sassed my Dom my punishment was that I was kicked out of his bed for one week… It’s been two days and I think I’ve maybe gotten 4 hours of sleep total… Is it possible to safeword out of a punishment… (I ask as I lay here tossing and turning on the couch not even remotely close to sleeping)



Yes, you can safeword out of a punishment. Immediately follow it with a meta talk so you can explain that this punishment is damaging  you. No responsible Dom wants to damage their sub.

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And I’m going to add that it’s not even just about responsibility – no real Dom wants to damage their relationship with their Sub!

Regardless of kink, if your relationship partner is fucking sick and stressed out that’s a really stupid time to kick them out of their own bed, isn’t it?  Even if they “sassed” you.

I dunno. I’m a Daddy, not a Dom, and I’m happier with Little partners than Submissives.  So maybe I’m a really bad judge of how D/S relationships are supposed to work.  But I can say with 100% authority that if you’re not both feeling satisfied with your kinky relationship then you’re both doing something wrong.  So this is a perfect time to safeword.  And, yeah, to have a serious relationship conversation too.