I am so sick of people (always men) who come into the messages of my nsfw blog and act like they wanna chat and get to know me, only to send me an unsolicited picture of their dick. Just because people have a nsfw blog does not mean that they’re automatically ok with people doing that! It’s happened so often that I’m immediately suspicious of anyone who interacts with me on my nsfw blog.


I agree, it’s a classless fuckboy move.

The best feeling ever? When someone says “I want to see…”

Takes so long to get there.

And when she says it?

Feels so good to say “are you sure?”

Even when you are.

Want to know a secret? She won’t ask till she’s really sure she knows you inside so well… wants to see the outside too…

Sending dick pics too soon spoils that.

And everything else that might have come next.

Including her.

Including you.