I choose degrading sex




















because getting fucked up the ass while I bark like a dog is approximately one million times better than missionary in the dark.

because feeling her struggle to keep from pissing the carpet while im inside her ass is one million and one times better than kisses down her back.

because forcing her face into the stain asking her “didn’t I train you better, bitch?” gets her one hundred times wetter than “oh baby, you’re so tight.”  

because the look on her face and whimper she makes before barking after you mutter “maybe i should send you back to the pound” is one billion times more satisfying than some “six month anniversary” blowjob. 

Because when he tells me to take his cock is Ten thousand times better than hearing “do you want me to stop?”

Because forcing her to cum repeatedly against her will until she’s begging and crying is a few hundred thousand times better than asking “did you finish too?”

Because being told that I’m a vile little slut is more thrilling than half hearted sweet nothings.

Because transforming the grossest, most embarrassing things imaginable into eroticism as a couple is about a trillion times more bonding than vanilla sex. Vulnerability is true intimacy.

Because my orgasms are much stronger when he’s holding me down with the entire weight of his body as he nearly rips my clothes off and manhandles me than the run-of-the-mill vanilla sex

Because calling me a good little slut while he slaps and spits in my face and fucks my mouth is so much better than having him fuck me for 2 minutes, then fingering me for 12. 

Because unleashing all my aggression on her and leaving her a bleeding, bruised, and sobbing mess at my feet, not letting her up until she’s managed to say “Thank you “ is a million miles better than saying “oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you”

Because knowing he’s going to turn me into a drooling whimpering mess makes spending the time to get dolled up a bushel and a peck more exciting than hoping my lipstick will stay intact the entire night.

Because him caning, paddling Or spanking me until I’m crying to unleash all the pent up stress, anger and sadness is better than me crying alone in my room.

Because giving up control to someone who cares about my safety and happiness is better than giving up control to drugs.

this post is why i love tumblr

Because watching her makeup run from shoving your cock down her throat is infinitely better than hearing “I think oral sex is gross”

Bc when he makes me let the neighbor watch me being fucked and peed on is better than not fucking anything

Well that certainly went to some places

Because, after I do all of that, kissing her and saying “I love you, little girl” is infinitely better than anything imaginable by those blind to what love can be.



Real vanilla sex is one of my favorite kinks!  

But then, ahahahah, real no-bullshit vanilla sex is a thousand times better than “six month anniversary blowjob,” “did you finish too,” and “do you want me to stop” artificial-vanilla sex.  I mean fuck that shit!

And just to push back a little, since just about any kind of human companionship is better than crying alone in one’s room, self harm, self medication, etc., xxxxtreme BDSM sex is by-definition better than those things.  But real vanilla sex would be too.

That said…

Mmmm, power games, age play, rough play, humiliation play, choking, ass fucking, non-consent roleplay, stress-position and challenge play, pet play, somnosex, knife play, impregnation play, forced orgasms, edging and denial play, annnnnddddd real vanilla sex are all better than boring old suburban, sex-in-the-city, let’s-wait-till-after-Jimmy’s-monologue artificial-vanilla sex, aren’t they?

“Did you finish too?”  Ahahahah!  If you can’t enjoy sex together instead of just get it out of the way why bother having sex at all?!?!?