I don’t get you!! You’re all about the traditional “manly” “masculinity” lifestyle (but I def don’t think the “toxic masculinity” variety) but then you’re giving a boost to femdom and submissives equality etc. You’re so contradictory!


“Do I contradict myself? Well, then: I contradict myself. I contain multitudes!” 

I actually don’t think I contradict myself at all, but I couldn’t resist the chance for a Whitman quote. ;)   I don’t see a contradiction here. I can support gender equality and gender expression for others, while simultaneously embracing and celebrating the gender expression that works well for me. All I require from others in exchange for the respect I give them and their choices is that they show equal respect to me and my choices. See how easy that is?

Wait!  Why the fuck would there be a contradiction between 

a) enjoying traditional manliness or masculinity, and

b) acknowledging, supporting, and boosting people who enjoy other, equally valid ways of being?  Also,

c) acknowledging, supporting, and boosting respect for and equality of one’s submissive partners?

Because, seriously!  Kink is a team sport – we’re all in this together!