I feel like this has probably been asked, but I was wondering if there is an age limit on having a Daddy Dom? Like I’m 30 but I don’t look it however, I definitely look over 21. I guess I’m wondering is that still an eligible age for seeking a Daddy style Dom?

This question is so common it makes me sad.  The broad category of Caregivers and Littles is a kink – a sexual preference or proclivitiy – just like any other.  One never speaks of being too old to be turned on by shoes or feet, or by voyeurism, or the scent of suntan lotion, or the feel or blue velvet.  

Yet there’s a persistent expectation that Littles, of all the different kinks, have an age limit.  That a 70-year-old woman could be a Cg/L Mommie but her 70-year-old best friend could not be a Cg/L Little seems odd, no?

Being Little, and wanting a Daddy or Dom, isn’t a matter of how you look, by the way.  It’s how you are, don’t you think?

As for finding a partner, being a Daddy is a kink too.  I know quite a few wonderful Littles who are much older than 30 who have seemingly very good relationships with their Dominant Daddies.  And their Daddies are seemingly very happy with them!

And as for finding a partner, kink relationships are still relationships.  And people of all ages find relationships.  Daddies and Littles are a pretty small subset of all otherwise suitable partners. But there’s no reason for age to be a particular limit.

Shorter version: Age play ≠ age