I feel silly asking this, but does the term little always include age play? My husband is definitely a Caregiver, but neither of us are into age play, so… I’m just trying to figure out where we might fit in the grand scheme of things. Thank you!


Not silly at all!

There’s all kinds of littles out there – some regress, some age play, some (like @misty-girl) just experience their little side in the way they feel. Not all littles fall into one box or another, and that’s okay!

Perfect answer!

I think maybe those of us who were real fathers are more comfortable with Littles who “regress” to any age including adulthood. Most probably feel more comfortable with Littles in narrower ranges. (Honestly guessing based on non-zero but limited data here.)

Anyways it’s the same for Littles. Some like to go the Full Cleveland in terms of clothes, baby talk, stickers and ponies, and even diapers and rattles. Others like to stay grown women, often with kids of their own, who still like that “come home to Daddy” feeling till there ready to go take on the world feeling supported and refreshed… and maybe with a reddened bottom and a freshly fucked glow.

Like a lot of other kinks there’s not really a wrong way to be a Little. And there are countless right ways to.