I find your freckles to be very sexy. Should shame have no place here, why does your face shy away from the camera…


Because I’m a professional and a photography hobby doesn’t pay the mortgage. I care more about my career than any man’s desire to see my face in this space.

There’s no shame here, other than those shaming me into wanting more of what I can’t give.

The irony asked by a person with not even a personal avatar…

Crisp, clear explanation of the whole point of anonymous/pseudonymous blogging. Deft putdown of the owner of an empty anonymous/pseudonymous blog.

  1. there are countless reasons for blogging anonymously/pseudonymously that don’t involve shyness, aren’t there?
  2. there are actually countless motivations for posting nude photography that don’t involve erotic gratification of random strangers. Or anyone!
  3. if @bareherself posted anonymous/pseudonymous photos of herself doing something nonsexual but potentially consequential — growing pot in Indiana, for instance — it’s unlikely she’d be asked to show her face, isn’t it?
  4. and even less likely anyone would accuse her being “shy” even though there’s no difference between putting your ass on the line vs. your neck on the line.
  5. if instead the ask was an unsolicited attempt to Daddy or Dom her or otherwise try to humiliation-topping then just ewww.