i get really flustered and embarrassed when it comes to talking about what i want you to do to me. but i still want you to try and pry it out of me. threaten that you won’t touch me unless i tell you how i want you to fuck me. and i’ll whine and complain because i’m desperate and greedy and need you. and you’ll get off on how much i stumble over my words when i finally cave in and talk dirty to you. and then you’ll tell me that i’m being such a good girl for you, but i took too long so a punishment is in order. and you decide to spank me because you know how much i love it and you want to see how wet i get with every slap to my ass and pussy.

Whatcha thinking about, kittycat? Come sit with me and you can tell me alllll about it!

Humiliation play doesn’t have to be anything like degradation play, does it?