I get the impression you don’t like littles. Why?








I like them as people well enough, some of my closest friends are Littles. They’re just way too labor intensive as partners.

I’d like to add on here that Tumblr little culture can be pretty unhealthy. There’s a lot of romanticization of being incapable of functioning without a partner, having no boundaries with one’s partner, and generally having a lot of maladaptive coping skills.

A lot of the posts I see worry me in the sense that there doesn’t ever seem to be a point where some people act like adults. And it’s very, very hard to function in our world if you aren’t ever being an adult.

I don’t dislike littles at all. But a lot of what I see with tumblr little culture is very different from what I would consider to be healthy. So I personally distance myself from it quite a bit.

@submissivedreamer, thank you, you just articulated my own discomfort with Tumblr little culture so perfectly that i’m pretty sure i don’t need to personally speak to it further anymore other than to link back to this post.

@instructor144, @submissivedreamer Much of what we see in Tumblr Dd/lg is as reflective of a real-life, healthy relationship as the porn is to actual sex… If someone were to truly conduct themselves in their day-to-day lives the way they are portrayed on this hellsite, that person would be impossible to deal with.

My little one, @i-am-norasaurus, is a good example. She is a leader, and someone who carries a great many responsibilities in her actual life. She uses her regression and our lifestyle to temporarily step back from the pressures of life rather than to escape it entirely. She handles things exceptionally well most days (even if she would deny this statement, it’s true).

It is important that people learn to separate the fantasy from the reality. Life is all about balance, and there are a great many people who have difficulty achieving this balance. This is why voices like yours are so important – we need to peel away the veil of fantasy from time to time and expose ourselves to the light of truth, lest we lose sight of what is real.

Boosting the hell out of this, because I love the way you phrased it. Absolutely.

On this blog, everything we see is people getting so caught up in fantasy that they forget what’s real and what’s not. I love the way you phrased your last sentence to highlight why that can be so dangerous.



^^^^ Good discussion.

“Hellsite!” Perfect!

Yup. Consider the impression outsiders get about D/S on Tumblr. That it’s all ass fucking and whip cracking in moody penthouse suites decorated in glass and steel.

Not saying D/Lg doesn’t have it’s dysfunctional types. Unfortunately it does! But same for D/S!

Thing is, just because certain neuroses find protective coloration in certain kinks doesn’t invalidate the whole kink.

Hell yeah there are high-functioning psychopaths passing, barely, as sadists. And codependent wrecks posing as Submissives. And god knows there are total fucking narcissists who imagine they’re Littles and genuine goddamn ephebophiles calling themselves “daddies” while trying to pull 15 year old girls.

Anyway, between “nicotine hit” BDSM Tumblr porn and legitimately bad actors it’s easy to get an impression that _everybody else’s_ kink is out of control while the one you know best “isn’t like that at all.”

Try on that NONE of them are “like that at all.”