I had a Brazilian was for My Master and it was so painful. He asked me to send him photos. I took a couple. I have my period at the moment so the second one had the tampon string showing. I just took the pic to show him what it looked like. He said to never send him a pic with ma tampon in. Sigh… I was just trying to show him what it looked like. Are all men that grossed out by that?


No, Anon, men are not grossed out by that. Weak, squeamish little boys are. Sounds like you’ve got yourself one of those boys.

Honestly. If you’re a hetero man chances are you’re gonna spend one week in four with someone who uses tampons. Or pads. Or sponges. Or cups.

It’s been this way for at least the last 300, years and maybe the last 2,400,000.

If 120,000 previous generations of men could handle periods — CAVE MEN no less!!! — then, yeah, what does that make you if you can’t?