i have a question

ok serious question no laughing at me: are there actually people who enjoy eating pussy? like i’ve only ever been eaten out twice, once by a guy and once by a girl, and both times i had to kind of ask for it? like i gave them head and made them cum and then i politely suggested that i would perhaps like to cum too? and the girl was into it until she got bored waiting for me to cum so i faked it bc i felt bad that it was taking longer than 5 fucking minutes. the guy was kinda in a huff about it but at least he made me cum. like i know i like eating pussy and everyone on the site says they do but i feel like everyone i meet in person hates it? what do y’all think??

While no one should ever feel pressure to do… well… anything sexual if they’re no into it, I don’t get people who aren’t into going down in their partners.

I’ve always enjoyed going down on my partners. It was one of my first concrete, non-confused fantasies during puberty.

There are all kinds of reasons you might need to ask for it. For instance enough women are a little anxious about receiving that you can’t assume an automatic yes. It’s sometimes particularly tough for Submissive women since lots of (very mistaken!) people equate receiving with dominance. And, yeah, of course quite a few people, men and women, think it’s better to receive than to give.

So for better or worse you might need to ask. Just to let them know you actually want it.

Unless it’s a hard limit for them, that they’re willing to clearly state, then you shouldn’t have to ask twice.

Mmmm, eating pussy!!