I… it’s… 

Ok, true fact.  For a surprisingly long time ago till as late as the 1940s or 1950s, folks believed that semen was more “precious” than blood.  Among other things, John Harvey Kellogg (the cornflakes guy), said a single ejaculation was as hard on a man’s body as losing a pint of blood.  He also said that “as many as” 10 ejaculations a year could kill the average healthy man.  Kellogg was a lifelong celibate and kind of a kook… but in terms of the prevailing medical opinion, he was only a little bit over the line.

That whacky screed about “precious bodily fluids” in Dr. Strangelove?  Straight out of a typical “dangers of sex” manual for 19th Century men.

They’re all… very, very wrong of course.  And so’s this “virginal vegan men ejaculate fresh water” business.

Bizarre but 100% true fact that for much of human history, and in large parts of the world today, it’s not women but men who worry more about their chastity than women.