I know this is a bit off topic but I would like your advice. How do I know a girl I like is been truthful and genuinely in love and not just with me for money? Thanks.


Wow. Can’t say I’ve ever had to deal with an inner conflict like that. Followers?

Let’s turn this around and say “How does she know you’re being truthful and genuinely in love and not just with her for her body?”

The anxiety about “just with me for money” is selling yourself short!  I mean… think about it!  It’s basically saying “I believe I’m such a useless, unattractive, unlovable piece of shit that anyone who hangs out with me will throw me over for someone with an extra $20 in his paycheck.” 

I mean, yeah, like they’d be selling you short if they thought you’d toss them over in a heartbeat for someone one dress size smaller or one cup size larger.  But man she’d really be selling herself short too, wouldn’t she?  Reducing herself to the size of her boobs!

Just gonna say that anyone who keeps you around despite that kind of self-loathing low self-esteem must really like you!  Saying that for anybody not just anon!

You’re more than a wallet on legs, just like she’s more than a pussy and a rack on legs. 

I hesitate to say “get over yourself.” So how about “get out from under yourself!”