I like it when he makes me wait to pee





A few days ago I started asking him permission to go pee. It’s not a rule, I don’t get in trouble if I don’t ask, and if I end up going before he says yes he isn’t disappointed in me.

But I love it when he says no.

I think I love the straight “no” more than “after you’ve done ______”, though both have their merits and moments. But sitting, waiting, squirming, trying to take my mind off it, all while still thinking about him and control and giving him this control so willingly, my cunt is soaked by the time he says yes.
(Then when he says no but taunts me with video of him peeing is just CRUEL and I HATE IT and dear gourds WHERE IS MY VIBRATOR)

Part of me dreads, yet part of me can’t wait for, the moment when he sits me down and makes me drink. Even more humiliating if at a restaurant, so I need to keep getting my water glass refilled. “Just one more cup, little girl, ” he’ll say. “Just one more cup for daddy. I’m worried you’re dehydrated.” And I’ll know he’s lying and not worried at all, but he knows my buttons and knows I hate making people worried, so I’ll drink. I’ll drink until I’m sick. He’ll salt my food so I’ll get more thirsty and drink more. Then he’ll take me on a long, bumpy ride, watching me and waiting. Waiting until I’m clutching my cunt, crying, begging him at being about to burst. Then he’ll pull over and let me out of the car, piling the seat with puppy pads and towels while watching me cry while I pee myself. Laughing at how I’m a dumb little baby who can’t hold it. All while knowing his words and actions are just making me want him more.

Then, for the rest of our time together that weekend, telling me things like “You should probably pee before we leave the house, we both know how you can’t really hold it,” and laughing as I stomp my way to the bathroom, pouting all the way.

How delightful.

And now you know.


You know I’m not into orgasm denial. Edging, yes. Even edging till you beg to come.  But bladder control?  As in that story?  Especially in that story? What makes that story sooo hot for me?  He doesn’t start it, she does. He doesn’t care if she pees.  Unless she asks.  And then?  Then and only then he says no.

And then he’ll only help when she’s begging. Maybe once it’s too late?

Turns out I MIGHT have a thing for begging…

And for saying no…

To the right person, chipmunk.