I love being talked down to

Remind me that I’m just a little girl who can’t think for herself

Tell me to be quiet while the “grown ups” are talking

Ask me how old I am and make me count on my fingers

Remind me to go potty or ask if I need to go in a really condescending voice

Baby talk to me

Remind me that I’m too little and need Daddy’s help with some things

Put me in time out and threaten to spank me for “talking back”

Make sure I always know my place

Put me down for a nap when I get bratty

Tell me little girls shouldn’t be looking at “certain things”

Talk down to me please

It’s not so much what you wear or what you like to do that makes you a Little.  It’s more where your head goes when your lover says things like this, isn’t it, halfscoop?