I love girls so much


I had this really gorgeous girl flirt with me today when I was at the gas station with my boyfriend. I had noticed her from across the room and I thought she was really pretty. When we (bf and I) were in line checking out she started to compliment me by saying I had beautiful hair, and my eyes were gorgeous, that I had a beautiful smile, and I just stood there giggling and blushing so hard. And I complimented her back because she was obviously so beautiful and sweet and her outfit was so pretty. Then the other cashier called her over so I said goodbye have a good day. But lo and behold her car was next to mine and she blew me a kiss and I back to her. ????????

Such a sweet story, because obviously!

But it left me wondering… a genuinely ignorant question but… it seems like “bi” girls are such a male fantasy.  (Ok, and sometimes a hetero-couple fantasy.)  The whole “unicorn” three-way thing, right?

But I’ve never gotten the impression a lot of bisexual women say “oh, you’ve got a boyfriend? Want to have a threeway?"  Or that they say “oh, you’ve got a boyfriend but you’re bi so you should let me do you too.”

If for no other reason because if you’re bi you might be sick of being asked yourself.

But also because, I dunno, being actually bi yourself you probably wouldn’t have a problem with the simple proposition that "either” ≠ “both!”

So… what’s your experience?