I love that you use so many unique and cute nicknames for your little!! My daddy always uses cute nicknames on me too and I love it! But i always struggle to find cute ones to call him back :( i have his dom nicknames “sir, daddy, master” but in less sexual situations i struggle to come up with anything more than “handsome, cutie, babe.” any suggestions on cute things to call a guy?

Wow, awesome question that I really can’t answer!  

As a non-Dom Daddy I’m not a big fan of being called “sir” or “master.”  “Dad” gives me the jimmies since that’s why my biological children call me.  

I gotta admit I get the biggest thrill out of being called… well… Daddy!  Papa’s nice too.  But other than that?  I don’t know!

I’d like to imagine this makes me a classic Daddy but I’m prepared to accept that I’m just a boring old Daddy instead. ????